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Chenille Headboards

Chenille, by nature, is soft and thick, which makes it the perfect choice for soft furnishings and upholstery. Its luxurious look and feel means it’s perfect for the bedroom, and we here at Esupasaver are proud to offer a wide range of chenille headboards that are sure to impress any discerning decorator.

Because chenille is so versatile it will suit almost any style of bedroom, from retro glam to modern chic. To help you find exactly the right headboard to suit your style and tastes, we offer each piece with a huge range of customisable options, including anything from colour to height and length. Many of our headboards are also available with optional brackets, which make it easy for you to affix your headboard to the wall for a bold, statement look.

When shopping for chenille it’s important to consider how it will look in your particular bedroom. Chenille does tend to be quite cosy and chenille headboards can introduce warmth into a room, especially if they’re produced in a rich colour. To help you choose, we offer free fabric samples to all of our customers so you can see how your design choice will work with your existing décor.

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